Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Make Cool Game Menus with SGC

SGC (Simple Game Code) is a new project that describes itself as 'A GUI toolkit for PyGame, to ease game development for Pygame developers'. The idea being that it takes care of menus, checkboxes, inputs etc so you can get on with the game itself. I have been following this project on the PyGame mailing list and had the idea to create a skeleton 'game' to try out the menus. They look great and even have nice transitions! So we have a simple functional menu with an options screen with one option. Start the game with the option on/off for a different number of bad guys (boxes in this case). Press q to quit the game screen. Will definitely be using this for PyWeek!
Code is available from the DaftPython Google Code Project. The menu is loaded from the dmenu file so you need that as well as the .py python file.