Friday, 10 August 2012

Screenshot Viewer For Minecraft - Now Released

The screenshot viewer is now available! Only tested on Windows for now so Linux/Mac users (who make a good proportion of visitors to this site) be warned. I have created a Google code project for all the code on this blog at 

You can get the latest Screenshot viewer here. It is a single .PY file tested on Python 2.6.6 and wxPython 2.8. We have been trying out a CXFreeze version with a Windows Installer and it is looking good. I'd like to look at maintaining aspect ratio for the thumbnails and display.

If you run it on a non-Windows platform I would appreciate a screenshot. Any other thoughts, please leave a comment!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Minecraft Screenshot Viewer in wxPython - A Preview

There's a lot of Minecraft going on in this house! The boys all love it and come up with some creative designs for houses, statues, machines and roller-coasters. Minecraft has a built in feature for taking screenshots 'F2' and I encourage them to do this if they have made something. Eventually we will make a slideshow video of them.

But there is no easy way to view the screenshots in the game and it is a bit 'hidden' under .minecraft so what a great excuse for a wxPython program. Not quite ready for the prime-time (needs Linux tested at least) but my eldest was impressed by the demo of it and is keen to get it installed on the main family PC.

Here's a screenshot until I get some SVN sorted out:

Ideas for features welcome - leave a comment!