About Daftpython

Why Another Python Blog?

This blog exists to share reasonably complete little demo's of doing fun stuff with Python. Finding just the right bit of code on the internet can really move a project or someone's learning forward, so this is my little effort to put some useful stuff out there that helps someone out.


I got into programming during the 1980's computer boom. A good proportion of that time was reading listing in books and magazines - to figure them out before spending a long time typing them in! Sadly today's code is harder to follow once you have any number of objects and multiple files and modules on the go. To this end the aim will be for all the demo's to be reasonably short for learners to digest.

What Will Be On Here?

Pygame, wxPython or whatever takes my pick at this time. Of course, you can leave a comment with suggestions for topics of libraries.

Where Can I Get The Code?

All code is available from Google Code - http://code.google.com/p/daftpython/

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