Friday, 6 July 2012

The Future Of PyGame

pgreloaded - PyGame Reloaded - Multimedia Framework for Python - Google Project Hosting: "Pygame Reloaded (aka pygame2, pgreloaded) started as a rewrite of the Pygame multimedia and game framework. As of 2012, the development focuses on providing a ctypes-based wrapper around SDL 2.0, along with a rich feature set for creating multimedia applications, games and graphics-based application prototypes." PyGame is built on SDL which has been a long lasting library. SDL has moved though and PyGame inevitably lags. A project exists to 'reboot' PyGame and move onto a newer SDL called Pgreloaded. As it is a Ctypes based wrapper and will allow for the library to run on other Python implementations such as IronPython. There is loss of compatibility with existing PyGame code. A lot of books will need to be rewritten I think! However the benefits of the Reload look promising. PyGame has a good future ahead of it so I am glad to be getting back into it at this time.

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