Thursday, 16 May 2019

Monitoring Earthquakes Curses

The USGS publishes a plethora of data on their website. Of interest to me are a bunch of frequently updated GeoJSON feeds which can be parsed with standard JSON libraries. I was keen to dabble in a bit of Curses programming (hey - it's a change from HTML & CSS!). So GeoJSONWatcher was born and is at its early v0.1 stage. The app shows when run the latest update and then a running report of the largest quakes measured.

Of course, there are lots of possibilities with such a rich and frequently updated data source. Whilst working with curses has been good, I miss an event driven GUI so the next iteration is likely to be a Tkinter or PyQT version. Currently it records the features to a SQL Lite database which is begging to be queried for some more insightful reports. I have a particular interest in anything volcano related and Hawaii. Development is a little slow for me as it is fun just to sit back and watch what is going on! If anyone knows of other interesting GeoJSON feeds please leave a comment!

We have a very active planet - hope you enjoy keeping a closer eye on it from your terminal!

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